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Durang’s Mrs. Bob Cratchit’s Wild Christmas Binge – Southern Repertory Theatre (2003) – Ambush Magazine

Southern Repertory Theatre, New Orleans, LA – December, 2003

The Southern Repertory Theatre better have a doctor standing by. Their first preview nearly had me choking with laughter, by now people are probably in danger of laughing themselves to death in New Orleans’ funniest comedy of the year. The production’s energy and inventiveness never flag, and carry the script along to its ridiculous conclusion.

Director James Marvel has done, well, a marvelous job of extorting the full comic potential from this silliness. He successfully juggles verbal, visual, and slapstick humor, shapes one brilliant over the top scene after another without letting any go on for too long. And as with ornaments around the tree, he trims it all with knowing, little touches. Marvel is a Native New Orleanian making his local debut. Let’s hope he’s back to stay.

Within this set-up, what wonders of variety and shadings does this A-List of actors effect. For the rest of us, this might just be the best present of the season, leaving you with memories a-grinning long after the Christmas tree, tinsel, and stockings are gone.

– Ambush Magazine, December 19, 2003, Brian Sands

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